Gruen Pitch 2020: You’d pay to soak your nuts

The Pitch segment on ABC’s Gruen is known and loved as a showcase of Australia’s leading advertising minds at their best. With last year’s pitch not only convincing vegans to eat meat but also going viral, we were raring to answer this year’s brief.

So what did 2020 have in store for our creative all-stars? This time around, we were tasked by the Gruen team to convince Australians that journalism should be paid for. A challenge we were delighted to accept.

Our mission at hand, we ran with the insight ‘You are what you consume.’ Pulling together a stellar team effort, we created an ad that met the brief with humour and heart, posing the question: ‘Is your body a temple, but your mind a trash can?’

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The Pitch: Create a campaign to convince Australians that journalism should be paid for - Wellcom Worldwide

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Bringing a comedic script to life, casting the right talent was paramount. With an impressive bill of actors showcasing their comedic chops, we landed our leading gal, Madeline Jones and guy, Sasha Sutton.

Filming on location, we shot at two of Wellcom Sydney’s local favourites, Social Brew Cafe and the Urban Oasis gift shop. With Denis Scholsem directing the shots, and Bianca Mauceri directing the coffee spills – the team captured the script with finesse and of course, a funny bone.

Next came the art of landing the comedic timing with the edit, which saw Denis working his magic while cutting the footage. Recording our VO remotely with our voice artist in quarantine, the storytelling came together and our 2020 Gruen pitch was born.

We hope you enjoy, activated almond lattes are on us!

Gruen Team 2020

Insight: Roma Joshi

Script and Creative Direction: Bianca Mauceri

Director, Editor, Colour Grader and All-round Superstar: Denis Scholsem

Producer Extraordinaires: Rozanna Begini and Darren Ralph

Production Assistant and Logo Master: Audrey Joseph

Motion Graphics: David Melfi